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Mission, Vision, Values, Diversity, and Guiding Principles at CCC


Shaping the future of Coconino County.
Empowering Individuals.
Inspiring Communities.
Education with Purpose!


Coconino 社区 College is committed to providing accessible and affordable educational programs that prepare students for the future.  Deeply engaged with the communities we serve, we promote student success through a welcoming and inclusive learning environment designed for innovative programming, career and 工作force development, university transfer education, and continued life-long learning opportunities.


Coconino 社区 College recognizes and respects diversity and the value it brings to our communities. We appreciate and welcome cultures, identities, beliefs, experiences and all that makes us unique. CCC champions and takes action to build an inclusive 工作 and learning environment. We are allies and advocates, navigating a respectful dialogue about our shared humanity.


These principles guide the way we 工作 and learn together at Coconino 社区 College through our commitment to:

Put 学生们首先 | Listen, Learn, and Collaborate | Act and Respond with Integrity and Resilience | Communicate with Honesty, Dignity, and Respect | Demonstrate Exceptional Stewardship of Public 资源 | Continually Strive for Excellence as a 社区 of Learners | Provide a Safe Environment that Reinforces Learning and Innovation


"On behalf of Coconino 社区 College, we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to the sacred land on which this educational institution resides. Sacred sites located within Coconino County include the San Francisco Peaks, 橡树溪峡谷, 塞多纳红岩, the Colorado River, the Little Colorado River, the Colorado River Confluence, the Grand Canyon and many more sites. This land has been inhabited by the Sinagua and Ancestral Pueblo for thousands of years. 目前, 大致, Apache, Yavapai, 华拉派部落, Havasupai, 派尤特, 吃饭, Hopi and many other Arizona tribal nations recognize this land as a significant spiritual place. This sacred land is enriched with Indigenous history and culture that lives on to this day. We, as a community with our CCC family and friends, are very fortunate to live, 工作, and share this unique location. 谢谢你!.”


Coconino 社区 College’s current Strategic Plan, built on the mission, 愿景, values and guiding principles of the college, sets out four strategic goals in the areas of Excellence, 可持续性, Opportunity and 社区.


For more information about the planning process, 社区输入, and CCC’s strategic goals visit our Strategic Planning 页面.